Amy Gluck, MS, RD, CPT

Registered Dietitian
Certified Personal Trainer
5 time USA Triathlon All-American
5 time Kona Qualifier
Boston Marathon Qualifier

About Amy

As someone who is committed to health and fitness and very passionate about my sport, I achieve an even greater level of satisfaction helping others realize their health and fitness goals.   After earning my Master's degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Michigan and  working as a Dietitian for over 15 years in hospitals and health care facilities, I have seen people admitted and discharged, repeatedly.  Very often these repeated admissions are a result of lifestyle choices.  Some choices are deliberate.  Some choices are due to lack of access to a professional with skills to help make positive lifestyle changes.  With only a limited amount of time to spend with patients on admission, I felt there was so much more I could be doing.  There is an epidemic in this country and my belief that I can help has been my motivation to make myself accessible to anybody who is ready to make the necessary changes to improve their quality of life.

In addition to my clinical work, Sports Nutrition has always been a hobby.  It wasn't until I began working with collegiate and professional athletes that I realized how much I had to offer in this arena.  The questions and feedback that I have received from clients has been overwhelmingly positive and repeated requests for consultations and presentations has pushed me to offer this service as well.  I have had great success in this area, personally.  My athletic resume includes playing collegiate basketball, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, the 70.3 World Championships, and the Ironman World Championships for 5 consecutive years.  My athletic success has been a result of a combination of training, and equally important, my nutrition program.  The questions that I have received over the years from training partners and competitors regarding nutrition has always astounded me.  Information that I take for granted can make a huge difference in the future athletic performance of an already very successful athlete.  My experience in this area has given me the expertise to make very individualized and sport specific recommendations for optimal performance.

The obesity epidemic in our country has had the greatest impact on today's youth.  With alarming levels of childhood obesity and, for the first time in the history of modern medicine, a shorter life expectancy that the generation before them, I will take every opportunity available to me to make an impact on the younger generation.  A child's inability to maintain their weight within a healthy range while they are growing puts them at very high risk for obesity and related diseases as an adult.  The sooner these issues are addressed, the sooner bad habits can be replaced with good.  For budding athletes, the formative years are the perfect time for these athletes to start building good habits, laying down a strong skeleton, and taking in proper nutrition for optimal growth and development.  I really enjoy working with younger athletes and I am excited to introduce them to the importance of proper nutrition and how it relates to athletic performance.
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